Bring back the granny square… um, maybe not after all

Trawling the internet in search of inspiration yesterday I found this:

Cate Blanchett in a granny square dress.

Yes, the lovely, stylish Cate is wearing a granny square dress.

OK, I know I wrote a post a while ago espousing the wonders of the granny square and how I really want it to come back into fashion, but umm… I really don’t think this is going to help my cause. 😛

There are so many ways the designers could have improved on this – smaller squares, less garish and more subtle colours, better shape of dress…

But apparently this was meant to be ‘humorous’ (i.e. ‘ironic’ or ‘kitsch’), and while it may be all those things (and you have to give Cate her props for bravery), I fear that unfortunately they’ve set the image of crochet back about three decades with this instead. 😦


Something substantial

I’ve been practising crochet for a while now and so far I’ve made flowers, toys, scarves, gloves, a baby blanket and am currently working on a full-size blanket, my first bag, more gloves and hopefully some jewellery.

But I feel i’m graduating past the ‘accessories’ side of things and wanting to attempt something more difficult. So far I have been skirting around the ‘big’ things – i.e. clothes – as I’m slightly terrified of trying to make something substantial i.e. a jumper or cardigan, in case it fails disastrously and ends up on What not to crochet (not that that wouldn’t be an honour). But I feel that only after I’ve done it will I have moved on from ‘beginner’ stage to ‘advanced beginner’, and therefore evolve into more than just a ‘dabbler’.

I found this dress a while ago which I think is gorgeous. It’s exactly something I would wear myself, teamed with a pair of boots, and with the added kudos of having made it myself. I’m so tempted it might be the first pattern I actually buy. Lol

Crochet Me Babydoll dress

I will of course post my progress (warts and all) here. Watch this space!

RIP: poor knitted scarf :'(

Well my one brief attempt at knitting has come to a sad end as, while engrossed in a particularly er, engrossing episode of Ugly Betty (in which Daniel looks particularly horny), I – horror of horrors – dropped a stitch! Yikes.

I didn’t notice until about two rows after, and by then I was clueless as what to do! I quickly thumbed through my copy of Stitch n Bitch: the knitter’s handbook only to emerge more confused. Which way do the loops go? Which loops are the loops and which loops are the stitches? And how many stitches did I have anyway? These things do not always matter in crochet!

In a last-ditch attempt I decided to rip it down two rows and see what I could salvage. But halfway through the ripping, the yarn snagged on itself and now refuses to budge. Damn knots! Damn wool! Damn knotty wool!

Oh well, this is it then, in all its messy glory.

I may or may not return to knitting. 😦

The needle book

Needlework can be such a portable hobby, but it takes up a lot of paraphernalia. One thing I seem to have picked up a lot of is sewing needles. I don’t sew (much) but i have pins and needles everywhere. I decided I needed a needlebook, or case, to keep them organised. After reeling in horror at the prices in Liberty£18.95 for a tiny felt needlebook! – I of course decided to make my own. Here it is:

I have organised the pages into first, embroidery needles,

then my beloved tapestry needles (in a crocheted swatch as tap needles are too thick for felt)

and finally ordinary needles (not pictured). I am planning to embroider the front with beads and sequins at some point, though I don’t trust my embroidery skills – yet!

Anyway, it’s soft, its cute, its colourful and I can squish it up into my bag and go! 😀