I’ve just completed my second baby blanket, this very simple pink and purple number, in the same granny design, but this time in one large rectangle, rather than several separate squares like last time. At least it started off as a rectangle; as it got bigger, it somehow got more square-like, not sure how that happened..

I hope the mother likes it! She loved the idea of pink and purple when I suggested it, but um, I suspect she might be expecting something more in pastels, suitable for a baby girl. Oh well, I don’t DO pastels – not for babies, not for anyone!

This is the last baby blanket I’m going to make for a while, they take so long and, due to sheer guilt and nervousness of reception, they tend to block out other projects. I always worry that while I’m experimenting with other yarns and designs, the baby blanket is sitting there, tapping its foot at me, impatiently waiting to be finished.


On another note I’m very excited at the reception my hat pattern has received (below)! Thank you for your lovely comments! On Ravelry there are 10 projects already, made from my pattern! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ It’s great to see people’s variations on the design and the colours they’ve chosen. I’m planning on putting up a refined version of the pattern soon as I want to try it out using a thinner yarn (DK), and perhaps a stretchier and/or decorative stitch.