I’ve written out the pattern for my Spur-Of-The-Moment Slouch Hat which I made back in December.

To warn you – I wrote this out as I went along, so it is not a tested pattern. If you have any problems with it, let me know and I will do my best to help. I’ve never written out a pattern before so I hope I have made it clear, if not just comment me and let me know! I made this to fit my own head of course, you may find you have to adjust the number of stitches at some stages to fit against your own head.

*Please do not sell this pattern, but you can of course sell any hats you make from this. And I would love to see your results!

Simple slouch beanie
© Crooked Crochet

I used 2 strands of Debbie Bliss DK Cashmerino yarn together for this.

5.5mm hook.

To start:

Chain 2

Round 1: Chain 3 (this counts as 1st dc). Make 11 dcs in 2nd chain from hook (to finish with 12 stitches).

Round 2: do 2 dcs in every stitch (24 stitches).

Round 3: do 2 dcs in every stitch (48 stitches). (These are drastic increases to encourage the ‘gathered’ effect.)

Round 4: Increase 1 stitch in every other stitch. (e.g. 2 dcs in 1st stitch; 1 dc in 2nd; 2dcs in 3rd; 1 in 4th and so on) (72).

Rounds 5-14: do 1 dc in every stitch (72). Keep checking against your head size and stop if you think it’s getting too long, or carry on more rounds if you prefer the hat to be longer!

Round 15: Decrease after every 6th stitch (i.e. do 7th & 8th stitches together) (64).

Round 16: Decrease after every 5 stitches (i.e. do 6th & 7th stitches tog) (56).

Round 17: 1 dc in every stitch (56).

Round 18: Use Single Crochet. Decrease after every 10th stitch (11th & 12th tog) (52).

Round 19: SC 52 stitches all round. Join & cut. Weave in ends.

Note: If you find that the hat is too loose or tight you can do more decreases, or leave some out as you go along, to fit against your head. I worked it through by trial and error, by fitting it on my own head as I went along. The resulting hat fits me almost perfectly, though I could’ve done with another decrease or two in places, as it is still a tiny bit loose on me. (But that’s OK, it means it puts less kinks in my hair! LOL :D)