Trawling the internet in search of inspiration yesterday I found this:

Cate Blanchett in a granny square dress.

Yes, the lovely, stylish Cate is wearing a granny square dress.

OK, I know I wrote a post a while ago espousing the wonders of the granny square and how I really want it to come back into fashion, but umm… I really don’t think this is going to help my cause. 😛

There are so many ways the designers could have improved on this – smaller squares, less garish and more subtle colours, better shape of dress…

But apparently this was meant to be ‘humorous’ (i.e. ‘ironic’ or ‘kitsch’), and while it may be all those things (and you have to give Cate her props for bravery), I fear that unfortunately they’ve set the image of crochet back about three decades with this instead. 😦