I’ve been practising crochet for a while now and so far I’ve made flowers, toys, scarves, gloves, a baby blanket and am currently working on a full-size blanket, my first bag, more gloves and hopefully some jewellery.

But I feel i’m graduating past the ‘accessories’ side of things and wanting to attempt something more difficult. So far I have been skirting around the ‘big’ things – i.e. clothes – as I’m slightly terrified of trying to make something substantial i.e. a jumper or cardigan, in case it fails disastrously and ends up on What not to crochet (not that that wouldn’t be an honour). But I feel that only after I’ve done it will I have moved on from ‘beginner’ stage to ‘advanced beginner’, and therefore evolve into more than just a ‘dabbler’.

I found this dress a while ago which I think is gorgeous. It’s exactly something I would wear myself, teamed with a pair of boots, and with the added kudos of having made it myself. I’m so tempted it might be the first pattern I actually buy. Lol

Crochet Me Babydoll dress

I will of course post my progress (warts and all) here. Watch this space!