Well my one brief attempt at knitting has come to a sad end as, while engrossed in a particularly er, engrossing episode of Ugly Betty (in which Daniel looks particularly horny), I – horror of horrors – dropped a stitch! Yikes.

I didn’t notice until about two rows after, and by then I was clueless as what to do! I quickly thumbed through my copy of Stitch n Bitch: the knitter’s handbook only to emerge more confused. Which way do the loops go? Which loops are the loops and which loops are the stitches? And how many stitches did I have anyway? These things do not always matter in crochet!

In a last-ditch attempt I decided to rip it down two rows and see what I could salvage. But halfway through the ripping, the yarn snagged on itself and now refuses to budge. Damn knots! Damn wool! Damn knotty wool!

Oh well, this is it then, in all its messy glory.

I may or may not return to knitting. 😦