Needlework can be such a portable hobby, but it takes up a lot of paraphernalia. One thing I seem to have picked up a lot of is sewing needles. I don’t sew (much) but i have pins and needles everywhere. I decided I needed a needlebook, or case, to keep them organised. After reeling in horror at the prices in Liberty£18.95 for a tiny felt needlebook! – I of course decided to make my own. Here it is:

I have organised the pages into first, embroidery needles,

then my beloved tapestry needles (in a crocheted swatch as tap needles are too thick for felt)

and finally ordinary needles (not pictured). I am planning to embroider the front with beads and sequins at some point, though I don’t trust my embroidery skills – yet!

Anyway, it’s soft, its cute, its colourful and I can squish it up into my bag and go! 😀