No I haven’t crossed over to the dark side, I am still – and always will be – a mad crocheter! But after a visit to a knitting group at my local bookshop last weekend I decided what is so difficult about knitting, really? I know (vaguely) how to knit and purl so what am I so afraid of? Actually the only thing that scares me really is what to do if I drop a stitch. Unlike crochet I don’t really understand the anatomy of the knit stitch, so while things are going well I can knit but as soon as I drop a stitch I’m lost! I think that is what really holds me back with knitting.

Anyway, a really lovely lady reminded me of how to knit and purl and i’ve decided I’m going to make a scarf. I decided to just do knit, knit, purl, purl continuously and see what happens – and voila, it’s turned into ribbing!

This is what it looks like at the moment:

It’s getting quite long but I don’t really like the raggedy edges of the scarf (is that a knitting thing or is it just me?) so i think I might crochet over the edges, to make them neat, perhaps in a different colour. But haven’t decided yet.

As I’m so afraid of dropping a stitch I have to sit there, rigidly knitting away, afraid to let my thoughts wander in case I create a dreaded hole.

But I am determined, I Will finish this scarf, even if it’s the only thing I ever knit, I WILL!