Well the Granny squares are coming along, albeit slowly. The thing about them is that they are so simple to do.. but so dull! Oh well as soon as the blanket’s finished I’ll post it here.

In the mean time, I made this case for my little Nano. It was an instant gratification project, really quick and made from scrap yarn (quite lovely scrap yarn though – Mirasol Hacho Merino wool – left over from a hat I was making, but haven’t quite finished yet – another unfinished project in my ever-growing pile!).

I love it, although I’ve found it’s hard to use as the earphone cord plugs in at the bottom so I have to push down the entire case in order to reach the click wheel. *Sigh* – I’ll probably never make it as a designer if I dont think my designs through properly!

OR…. is this really Apple’s fault for not designing the earphone to go on the top of the Nano instead? If they had a little consideration they would have made life easier for people like me!