The Granny Square. The doyen of seventies design and favourite of grannies everywhere. (Though they probably come second to doilies for some).

Having said that, i like the look of them and i think they should come back in fashion. I’m thinking of starting a campaign, they’ve been out of fashion for so long I’d like to see them around again, this time in funkier colours and printed on t-shirts, bags and things. I might even try it myself.

I have to confess I’m only saying this because I’ve promised a friend a baby blanket and I’ve decided to do it in.. you guessed it.. 12 large granny squares. I chose to do squares because I thought it would be quick and easy. But halfway through the making of this blanket I’m having a crisis of confidence. What if she hates it?

You see, non-crafty people may not appreciate the simplicity (and complexity) of this quite (read: ‘very’) traditional design and may perceive it as [shock!] boring. And worse, unimaginative. I’m hoping my friend doesn’t. I don’t want her to be disappointed with what I come up with.

So you see, if granny squares were back in fashion she might appreciate my effort a bit more – hence my campaign. (This is purely for my own benefit of course).

(Will post a picture of said squares as soon as I can).