I’ve been reading about hyperbolic crochet and it’s all based on mathematics, apparently. It looks a bit like freeform but every round is increased exponentially according some sort of mathematical formula.

I don’t really understand the maths but it basically looks like what happens when I get crocheting in the rounds all wrong! That is, when I miscount and find I’ve increased too many stitches in a round and the whole thing goes wonky.

Anyway I thought I’d try my hand at it. I doubled every stitch in every round and it worked – the whole thing creased up into sort of flower shape (not quite the coral reef I was hoping for, but still)

I thought it made quite a pretty effect.

This was how it looked before I attached the button:

I just did rows and rows of single crochet (2 in every stitch) and on the last row I switched to double crochet due to lack of patience. I’m going to try some more with different colour combinations and maybe add a few sparkly beads!