I’ve decided that my “skittle-bunny” is a little too sinister perhaps for a baby (plus I want to keep him for myself!) so I’ve attempted yet another (more suitable) amigurumi.

I intended to make a bear, out of an adaptation of this adorable pattern, but I think its turned into more of a mouse than a bear! (The pattern is actually of a bunny but I’m damned if I’m going to make another bunny! I’m not fixated, you know.)

Anyway, after I did the face I gave into the mouse idea and gave it a long tail instead of a fluffy “bear-like” one and there you have it. A mouse (type thing).

I realise most of my critters are posing in front of the makeup corner of my dresser (they are a vain bunch) so consequently most of my pics have the same background! I must let them explore my house a bit more (and vary my photography skills too).

Anway the main trouble I had was with the back (I will post the pic later) which looks messy, cause I did all the joining up of the rounds there, so there’s parts that look a little lumpy.

I’m so paranoid about crocheting for a baby I went over the stitches between the head/body/arms/legs/tail over and over again to make sure they were really secure. Anyone would think babies had fangs!

Anyway I’m quite pleased with the finished article. I think my heavy modifications to the pattern have worked out. That’s what i love about crochet – it’s so easy to make things up as you go, you don’t have to follow a pattern to the Nth degree. If you’re spontaneous and like to be creative then crochet is perfect for you.